Waking up Early? Does it make a difference?

Interesting question.  Is it wonder that the most successful people in the world wake up early to start there day.  I understand, but I can’t do it i’m not a morning person.  It very simple.  Only when I had a goal and direction did waking up early happen.

This is how you can start to wake up early.  1st and foremost you must put a reason why you want to wake up early before you go to bed.  It could be a simple as to get up and take and early shower or maybe load the dishwasher whatever must have a purpose.

Also the reason why successful people wake up early is because as much as they need sleep they also know they are not working to there goals while asleep.

Here is forbes best reason 11 reason to wake up early…click here


School Like a warrior…Get you body right

Hey guys and girls welcome to our new website.  I knew you would find this bad ass site.   Chances if you found this site you have been looking for something a lot deeper than what the world is providing you today.  Check in tomorrow o see if you like this. Don’t know who we are please read a little bit on our Contact page.

Let get down to business. Just like kcfencecompany.com We all know that Football or (Soccer) for the Americans out there is the most popular sport in the work and one of the most physically demanding.   So I’m going to give you 3 of the best exercises to make you mentally tough and deal with the physical demands of the sport.

  1. The 1st exercise and this will be the staple for you football player out there will be what I call the Hindu Squat.  Much like a regular no weight squat the Hindu squat will have a more fluid motion to mimic the running style and get you a great rhythm.      This is how the exercise works.

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